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Palo Alto Home Care - Activities For Those With Limited Vision

by Amy, January 29, 2017

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Vision declines as we age - it's simply a fact of life. As trusted Palo Alto home care experts, we understand how frustrating it can be when an aging loved one cannot enjoy the hobbies and activities they once did before, because of failing vision. With more than 3 million people older than 65 considered 'functionally blind', according to the National Federation of the Blind, it is clearly a real problem.

How can seniors with limited vision enjoy and enhance their quality of life? Staying active is essential for feeling happy, avoiding depression, and just enjoying an entertaining few moments every now and then. Here's how those with limited or low vision can participate in activities, even with their restrictions.

Dancing and playing music. It doesn't take perfect vision to move your body around, and dancing with a friend or partner is fun for seniors. Even those who can't play a note will have fun experimenting with a harmonica, guitar, or even a piano.

Reading. Many people are passionate when it comes to reading, and loss of vision can be extremely depressing. Today, many books and magazines have audio versions for those who need to listen; it's also helpful when a caregiver reads a magazine article, book, or column in the newspaper for a senior's enjoyment.

Sports enthusiasts can usually find football, basketball, and baseball games being broadcast on the radio. Given the detailed description of the action, seniors with poor vision won't miss a play!

Pets are soothing and can lift spirits; whether a senior simply holds a dog or cat in his/her lap, gives it a brushing, or pets the animal.

Getting outdoors is important. Have an aging parent who loves to go fishing? They still can, with a little help. Bait the hook for them, then take any fish they catch off the hook. Consider taking your loved one to lunch with a picnic at the park. There are lots of things seniors with limited vision can do outdoors with just a little help.

It's also important to think about those things your aging loved one used to love to do - hobbies and passions. Did your mother spend most of her time in the kitchen? She can still do a little of the work when it comes to preparing a meal; stirring, patting out hamburger patties, rounding meatballs, or rolling dough. Even when a senior can only do a portion of what he or she used to do, it adds enjoyment and fulfillment to life.

At Care Indeed our mission is to make life easier and more enjoyable for San Francisco Bay Area families and seniors. Whether you need a break from caregiving for a day or two or are looking for an in-home caregiver who can provide care and companionship for an aging loved one several days a week, give us a call.