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Palo Alto Home Care - October Is Eye Injury Prevention Month

by Amy, October 16, 2014

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We're almost to the middle of October, and wanted to remind you that October is Eye Injury Prevention Month. Perhaps not surprisingly, many people were not even aware that there is a month dedicated to the prevention of eye injuries! At Care Indeed, our San Francisco home nursing staff and in-home care professionals know that while it may sound surprising, about half of all eye injuries that occur every year happen in the home. This is particularly true with those who are elderly or in their golden years, so pay attention!

The fact is, you don't have to be participating in a potentially risky task such as wood cutting or welding to sustain an eye injury. Most eye injuries happen when you least expect it, such as when you are mowing the grass or edging sidewalks or curbs with a Weed Eater.

In San Francisco and surrounding areas, the most common causes of eye injuries include:

While gardening - we've already mentioned mowing and edging; stones and twigs may fly when using this type of equipment, hitting you in the eye and causing serious injury.

Inside your home - many cleaners and household chemicals are much more dangerous than consumers realize. Not only could a nozzle be misdirected causing bleach or other chemicals to be sprayed in the eyes, the odors from some of these products are toxic if not used in areas that are properly ventilated. The dangers of using these chemicals is more pronounced for the elderly, who often cannot read warning or instruction labels.

In the garage or shop - many men have all sorts of things stored in a garage or outdoor shop than can be dangerous. Old paint cans, thinners, gasoline, solvents, antifreeze, and other chemicals when stored up on shelves that require the use of a ladder can be extremely dangerous, particularly for an elderly dad who still thinks he's quite capable of stepping up on the ladder and getting down whatever he wants. This could result not only in spills to the eyes, but physical damage if a can or container should fall and strike the eye area. Perhaps even more dangerous is climbing up a ladder in the first place when you get to be of a certain age!

Whatever you are doing, if there is any possible risk of your eyes or your parent's eyes being injured, wear protective eye goggles to ensure safety. If your parents are getting on up there in age, have someone else take care of tasks which could prove to be risky.

At Care Indeed, our Palo Alto home care professionals are passionate about helping the elderly live happy, fulfilled lives. Give us a call today, and remember - October is Eye Injury Prevention Month!