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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

by Dana, October 24, 2018

As discussed in the previous blog, Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that affects coordination, balance, and movement. Newly diagnosed patients may have questions pertaining to lifestyle changes and treatment. Most individuals are diagnosed over the age of 60, and usually have the same average life expectancy as people without the disease. However, an advanced form of Parkinson’s can lead to life-threatening complications, including dementia and pneumonia, which can shorten a patient’s lifespan by four to six years. In the disease’s early stages, individuals and their families can mitigate the progression of Parkinson’s by collaborating with medical professionals to determine a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Treating Parkinson’s disease effectively involves a consistent regiment of medication, therapy, and, exercise, in addition to a foundation of caregiving support that ensures uninterrupted day-to-day care.  According to the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project, the largest clinical study of Parkinson’s disease that’s been underway since 2009, the services that Care Indeed provides are crucial for improving the quality of life of individuals with Parkinson’s disease. 

Serving the Bay Area and Seattle, Care Indeed’s thoroughly trained and passionate caregivers can help clients manage Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Care Indeed’s caregivers specialize in mobility assistance and medication reminders, and provide the social and emotional support necessary for a healthy aging lifestyle. Staff can be present at the neurologist appointments and physical therapy that ensure a high standard of care for Parkinson’s patients, and accompany individuals at exercise classes meant to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. Bay Area and Seattle residents will be happy to know that Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, dance, and qi gong all help to mitigate the motor deterioration associated with the disease. For patients in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s, Care Indeed’s staff can assist with dressing, eating, toilet care, and other activities of daily living. 

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease may be life-changing, but thanks to organizations like the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation, treating Parkinson’s disease is now easier and more manageable than ever before.  Patients and families now have access to an ever-widening array of services and resources to assist them in comprehensive care.  With Care Indeed, patients should feel more at ease knowing they have the support of a sterling senior care institution helping them improve their quality of life every step of the way. Call Care Indeed for more information today.