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Respite Care In San Francisco, Essential For Caregivers

by Amy, November 20, 2014

respite care in san francisco

If you're an adult child taking care of an elderly parent, you know how exhausting it can be. It seems at times like you are working around the clock in your effort to ensure your parent gets enough sleep, proper nutrition and exercise, that mom or dad takes their medications on time, pays the bills, etc. The list goes on and on, and while you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends at times, taking time out for yourself somehow feels selfish. At Care Indeed, we provide respite care in San Francisco because those who are truly giving of themselves and selfless deserve a much needed break.

Think about hiring someone for a minute. Can you even imagine someone who would spend 80% of their time caring for someone who is aging, without pay and with no paid vacation days, sometimes working 7 days per week? Of course not. Still, when you're an adult child with an aging parent who needs some help, to take a day or two off leaves you feeling as though you are not taking care of your responsibilities. This is particularly true of only children who may not have brothers or sisters to help carry the load. Sadly, in some sibling situations it all gets left to one adult child to care for a parent or parents.

If you live in San Francisco, San Jose,the Palo Alto area or the East Bay, respite care means that your loved one will receive the proper care he/she deserves, giving you time to focus on other responsibilities, rest, or work. You know that sleep and rest are vital to your own care, and that you cannot care for your aging parent if your own health suffers as a result of your trying to do it all on your own.

In the United States, there are approximately 66 million adult caregivers who are providing care to aging parents or other elderly loved ones. Surprisingly, many of these adult children are baby boomers who are not aware of the fact that respite or in-home care is available.

Respite care is designed to give you much-needed relief for a day, a weekend, or several weeks. Having a certified caregiver come into your parent's home gives both you and your aging parent a break. You have the opportunity to take care of things in your own life, and enjoy both a mental/physical break that is critical in maintaining your own strength and well-being. While you may not realize it, it's also good for your parent to have the companionship of someone else for a short time.

Taking good care of yourself is key in taking good care of an aging loved one. At Care Indeed, you can rely on our certified non-medical caregivers to nurture and care for your loved one, giving you peace of mind and the rest you need to continue being a good caregiver.