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Safety Tips For The Aging And Caregivers In San Francisco

by Amy, December 04, 2014

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Whether you are an aging senior, or a caregiver who provides in home care for the elderly, safety is a top priority. Adult children who care for aging parents should pay particular attention to the safety tips we will provide below, as it could mean the difference between a safe, secure home and a dangerous fall or injury.

Even in our own homes, there are risks that must be considered. For those who are aging, safety is even more important. Whether you are a professional caregiver or have a parent you are caring for, here are a few safety tips provided by our San Francisco professional in-home caregivers.

General Safety Around the Home

  • Seniors should always use walkers, canes, or other walking aids
  • After lying down, sleeping, or sitting, rise slowly to ensure you have your balance
  • Avoid standing on chairs or ladders to reach items above your head
  • Batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors should be changed at least once each year, preferably twice when the time changes
  • Rugs that are torn or ragged carpet should be removed, as they are a trip and fall hazard

Safety in the Living Room

  • Remove clutter, which can be a tripping hazard
  • In place of traditional candles, consider those that are battery operated
  • Reduce fire hazard risks by making sure all electronics are connected properly

In the Bedroom

  • All walkways, including one to the bathroom, should be clear of clutter or objects that could cause a fall
  • Keep a phone within reach of the bed should there be an emergency
  • For seniors who wake often during the night, a nightlight is helpful

In the Bathroom

  • Hot and cold faucets should be clearly marked to avoid scalding accidents
  • Non-slip bath mats in addition to slip proof tub coating can prevent accidents in the bath/shower
  • Shower chairs and grab bars make showering even safer

Safety in the Kitchen

A kitchen is filled with hazards, and is in many cases the most dangerous room in the home.

  • Be sure that appliances have "on" and "off" positions clearly marked so that seniors can see them
  • When using a stove or oven, never wear loose fitting clothes, as they could catch fire
  • Heavier canned goods, small appliances, bags of sugar/flour, should be stored at waist level to avoid having to climb to reach heights
  • Foods with expiration dates that have passed should be thrown out. Consider a first in first out (FIFO) rotation.
  • Hazardous items such as scissors or sharp knives should be stored in a separate area from food.
  • All work areas should be brightly lit

At Care Indeed, we understand that anyone who is able would rather live independently than spend their life in an elder care facility or nursing home. Our in home caregivers in San Francisco are dedicated to enhancing lives, providing companionship, and ensuring those who are elderly or disabled are well cared for. If you are an adult child who cares for a parent or parents, stress these safety concerns and do what you can yourself to make your loved one's home a safe, secure place to live.