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San Francisco Caregivers Help Clients Maintain Privacy

by Amy, April 20, 2015

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At Care Indeed, we know that seniors want to maintain their dignity and enjoy a sense of privacy, even as they continue to age. For some, requiring help with toileting or other hygiene matters can be embarrassing. As trusted San Francisco caregivers, we wanted to share some information that will help those who care for their elderly loved ones maintain their dignity and privacy as much as possible.

Helping with toileting and hygiene in a gentle, respectful manner

There are many things you can do to help a senior who lives on his/her own to tend to hygiene matters in a way that is safer and less risky. In the shower, install a non-slip mat and bath chair or bench, so that those who are elderly can bathe safely. Make sure wash cloths, soap, shampoo, and towels are within easy reach. This allows seniors to tend to their own bathing needs to the greatest extent possible. Installing grab bars close to the shower/tub and toilet is also a good idea.

Ultimately, no one ever gets used to someone else, even a son or daughter, seeing them totally naked. For this reason, always try to keep as much of the body covered as possible. For instance, change one garment at a time (for example, a blouse or shirt while the bottom portion of the body is still covered) to help prevent embarrassment - this also shows respect.

For home caregivers, compassion and establishing a caring, trusting relationship with the patient is key. You must show respect for the client's desire for privacy, help alleviate any apprehension, and most of all, make them feel you care and are concerned for their well-being. Prepare the bathroom ahead of time and have everything ready. At night, turn down the bedcovers, put a glass of water or the client's walker, books, or other items they use within easy reach. Eventually, a senior will come to trust you and feel pampered, alleviating much of the uncomfortableness.

At Care Indeed, our home caregivers are compassionate, caring, and dedicated to helping seniors with all of their needs, while helping them maintain a sense of dignity and allowing them to enjoy as much privacy as possible. Give our San Francisco home caregivers a call today, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have put your loved one's care in capable hands.