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San Francisco Home Care For Dementia Patients

by Amy, October 08, 2014

San Francisco Home Care for Dementia & Alzheimer’s PatientsAt Care Indeed, we understand the special needs of families who have a loved one diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's. Our San Francisco home care professionals are dedicated to helping make the lives of everyone involved easier. Dementia and Alzheimer's are diseases that require special care and attention; with these issues, the individual being cared for has good days, and bad days. However, loved ones and family members are often left to deal with these issues day in and day out, which can be not only stressful emotionally, but physically taxing as well. We provide dementia in-home caregivers to enable those stricken with these diseases a level of independence, and to allow family members to go about their normal activities knowing their loved ones are in capable, caring hands.

Many individuals with Alzheimer's live alone, which is why their family members often spend so much time caring for them. Those who suffer from these conditions are at a much greater risk of wandering away from home, falling, or suffering malnutrition because they "forget" to eat. Naturally, grown children or spouses of those with dementia or Alzheimer's worry incessantly; in some instances, caring for a loved one becomes too much to bear. As highly reputable and trusted in-home caregivers in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, our professional caregivers and certified nursing assistants help those with dementia enjoy a greater quality of life, while giving family members a break from the demands involved when a loved one suffers from one of these horrible diseases.

Individuals with Alzheimer's have special needs that must be met; because of their mental state, having a capable caregiver with them the majority of the time is a must. At Care Indeed, our in-home caregivers treat your loved one as if he or she were a member of our own family. Providing meals, taking care of personal hygiene and dressing, ensuring your loved one gets his or her medication on time, driving to doctor appointments or on other errands - it's all part of what we do. Give our San Francisco home care service providers a call today, and rest easy knowing your loved one is getting proper care.