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San Francisco Seniors Prefer Living At Home

by Amy, June 16, 2016

san francisco seniors

Even those of us who are nowhere near retirement can't imagine not being able to live in our homes as we grow older. It's no different for San Francisco seniors, who according to AARP prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

In fact, the American Association of Retired Persons found that, as they age, almost 90% of seniors hope to be able to stay in their homes. Even among seniors who eventually need ongoing healthcare or daily assistance, approximately 82% prefer to remain in their own homes. This isn't really surprising, given that our homes are where we're comfortable and enjoy familiar surroundings and security.

Like the general population, those who are aging prefer to live under their own rules instead of those in a nursing home or assisted living facility. According to the AARP, seniors' homes can be made much safer by including features such as:

  • Non-slip floor surfaces
  • Personal alert systems in case of an emergency
  • Grab bars, shower chairs, and other bathroom aides
  • Exterior entrances without steps to climb
  • Wider doorways
  • Lower electrical switches and higher outlets
  • Lever-handled doorknobs

While adult children tend to believe their parents will need their assistance at some point (more than half of adult children feel they will take care of an aging parent), less than a third of seniors believe they will need their children's help as they age. Unfortunately, it's far more realistic to think that seniors will need help as they become less stable, their eyesight worsens, health conditions arise, etc. This help may come from family members, professional home caregivers, or a combination of both.

None of us want to reach the age where we become frail and incapable of taking care of all of our own needs, but the fact is we grow older and our health deteriorates - it's inevitable. The good news is that with quality home caregivers readily available in the San Francisco area, the majority of seniors can remain in their own homes to live a happier, healthier life. For more information on in-home care and other services for seniors, contact Care Indeed today.