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How San Jose Caregivers Can Start Your Day Off Right

by Amy, June 23, 2016

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If you're a caregiver in San Jose who cares for an aging parent or other elderly loved one, you may not realize how important it is to care for yourself and take a bit of time every day just for you. Caring for the elderly is not only stressful, it can zap you of the energy you need to take care of things in your own life. By getting up just a few minutes earlier each day (15 or 20 minutes), you can improve your attitude, change your outlook for the day, and enjoy peace of mind. Here are our tips for making each day a better day as you work to care for those who cannot do everything for themselves.

Ground yourself for the day by meditating or listening to music. By sitting quietly and listening to soothing music or meditating, you can feel grounded for the remainder of the day as those creative thoughts you had during the night become more cohesive, leading to an organized plan of action.

Stretch before you ever leave your bed. Gentle stretching of your fingers, toes, legs, arms, feet, wrists, and neck gets the blood flowing through your body, helping limber up those joints and muscles. It also delivers oxygen to the tissues in your body, making you feel prepared for the day.

Avoid negative thoughts by reading motivational books. A short motivational quote can be all you need to eliminate those negative thoughts and get your day started in a positive frame of mind. Keep motivational or inspirational reading material next to your bed, or in the area where you read and begin each day with an inspirational self-talk.

Make a list of the day's priorities. What is it you need to accomplish for the day? In order to meet your goals and organize your thoughts, it's important to write it down. You'll find this an amazing way to reduce stress while caring for an elderly loved one.

Consider journaling. We all have stressful or bad days, and writing in your own personal journal is a great way to release your stress and pent up feelings or thoughts. Be sure to include what went right and what you're thankful for on both the good and not-so-good days.

Most important of all, eat a healthy breakfast for strength! Whether yogurt and an apple or toast, cereal, and some coffee or juice, breakfast is important for getting the day started on a positive note.

At Care Indeed, our San Jose caregivers know just how stressful and energy-zapping it can be to care for an aging loved one on a regular basis. Need a break, or looking for in-home caregivers who are trustworthy, compassionate, and dedicated to making your loved one's life easier and more fulfilling? Give us a call today.