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San Jose Companion Services Make the Most of Doctor Visits

by Amy, May 08, 2015

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For aging seniors, there are many advantages of bringing a medical companion to doctor appointments. These days, most physicians are overbooked, and have limited time to spend with patients - so it's important that you make the most of it. Those who are elderly or aging sometimes have a difficult time comprehending what the doctor is saying, or remembering important details of the appointment. At Care Indeed, our San Jose medical companion services are designed to help your aging loved one make the most of his/her doctor or medical appointments.

What are the benefits of bringing a medical companion along? Better communication, satisfaction for patients and their families, advocacy, and accountability.

Companions can help interpret what the doctor said to the patient, and communicate this information to family members. It's also important that any instructions regarding limiting physical activity, medications, and other pertinent information is written down. Clear communication is key!

Patients tend to be more satisfied with their health care providers when they bring a medical companion along. It isn't necessarily the case that a doctor provides better care because a companion is present, but that the patient and doctor can communicate and have better understanding with the assistance of a companion.

Advocacy. Patients who are elderly often forget many of their ailments and symptoms, and are satisfied when the doctor says "Everything looks good." A medical companion can remind the patient of problems, pains, or issues he or she has been complaining of, so that the doctor is made aware of medical symptoms or conditions.

More than half of elderly patients fail to adhere to medication prescriptions, often out of forgetfulness or fear they won't be able to afford it. A medical companion can help keep those who are aging accountable for doctor's recommendations and prescriptions.

There are times when it simply isn't possible for a family member to attend a doctor's appointment with an aging loved one. Even when you do, you may not fully understand the doctor's medical jargon. Our medical companions meet with the patient prior to the appointment in order to make notes regarding the primary reason for the appointment, questions or concerns the patient may have, to review medications (including prescriptions and OTC drugs), ensure insurance information on file with the doctor or clinic is current, and more.

Make sure your elderly loved one is getting the best care possible when attending doctor or medical appointments by contacting Care Indeed to learn more about our medical companion services. You can rest assured your loved one is in caring, capable hands.