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Say Hello to Care Indeed’s New Logo!

by Dee & Vanessa, October 09, 2019

As we lean into our tenth year, we thought it was theCareIndeed_logo_whiteBG perfect time to reevaluate our look. We love our current logo and its symbolism of how we approach care – embracing and nurturing each client along their health journey. Our signature colors and style are recognizable hallmarks in our home care community. Where you see orange, you know you can find Care Indeeders around.

CIHighResLogo (1)

CIHighResLogo (1)CIHighResLogo (1)Approaching our first decade of service, we paused to look at our transformation. Our business has evolved into something so much larger than we anticipated, and as we look to the future, we have even bigger plans to continue this growth. We felt we needed to expand our look to mirror our mission of providing seniors and caregivers with an entire community of support.

As some of you may know, our original logo design was after our first name, “Nurse Instead.” This symbol later transformed into the simple embrace that still represents our humble beginnings. Our tagline is the extraordinary care that we provide around the clock.

We still provide all these things, but we are now ready for a new look representative of the many layers of care our organization has come to encompass. We are care providers, educators, supporters, cheerleaders, and family – and we are the heart of our growing community.

In keeping with the spirit of our original logo, today we proudly present to you to our new look! As we start to roll out the branding over the next few months, rest assured we are still your same beloved Care Indeeders. We are committed to providing you with the quality of care you have come to love and trust - our embrace is just a little bit bigger and brighter. 

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