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Senior Care - Helping Seniors Remain Active Family Members

by Amy, November 27, 2015

senior care

As San Jose in-home care providers, we know how important it is for seniors to feel they are needed; a vital part of the family. Unfortunately, as we age we tend to feel a little isolated and left out at times. In some cases, when it comes to planned family get-togethers or holidays it's simply a matter of forgetfulness as we grow older.

Those who are in their golden years find that many things are a much bigger challenge than when they were younger. Remembering special occasions such as birthdays can become more difficult; depending on how independent or physically capable an older person is, it may even be difficult to shop for gifts. Still, those who are elderly want to enjoy the closeness with family they once did, and family members can help. How?

Help an aging loved one by reminding him or her of important dates or occasions. Give your loved one a call, send a reminder via computer or tablet if your aging relative engages in technology. Most family members love getting a gift or card from an aging loved one - and the sender feels even more important, because you helped him/her remember the occasion.

Keep an elderly family member informed about what's going on. Has a cousin or sibling learned she is going to have a baby? Perhaps your aging family member's grandson hit his first home run, or your own child made straight A's on a report card. Seniors want to be kept in the loop, and it makes them feel they are an important part of the family.

Help the aging attend family gatherings. Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, a family reunion, or a nephew's birthday party, many seniors simply find it difficult to travel. Help out if you can by transporting an aging loved one to and from the occasion; if no other options are available, check in to travel assistance.

Given so much visiting is done online today, it's becoming more and more difficult for families to stay connected on a personal level. Help your aging loved one realize that he/she is a vital member of the family, and just as important as they were in the earlier days. A healthy family relationship helps seniors stay happy, and healthier.

If your aging family member needs help at home, with transportation, running errands, or everyday tasks, contact the San Jose senior care experts at Care Indeed. We provide a wide array of care solutions from respite and overnight care to daytime care, transition from hospital to home, and more.