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Senior Care - The Changing Nutritional Needs For Seniors

by Amy, November 03, 2016

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Whether you're a senior who lives in Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, or anywhere in the Bay Area, it's important to know that, as you age, nutritional needs change. Good nutrition is important regardless of age, but as we grow older it's particularly important for good health, vitality, and an improved quality of life.

As we grow older, everything about our bodies changes - from the physical and mental, to how we perceive things. You want your body to perform its best whether you're 65, 75, or even 85 - and you also want to enjoy life to the fullest by feeling your best and avoiding health issues when possible.

According to the USDA, those who are 50 or older should include a number of foods in their diets every day. These include dairy foods; vegetables; fruits; healthy oils such as olive or avocado; grains; foods containing protein including chicken or turkey and fish, beans, peanut butter, and nuts or seeds; and what are known as SoFAS (solid fats and added sugars) foods, although you don't want to consume too many SoFAS containing foods.

Seniors often experience perceptual changes or those related to taste, hearing, smell, and physiological changes, such as a decrease in the functioning of kidneys. They also experience changes to the nervous system and decreased energy, gastrointestinal changes such as constipation or increased gas, vitamin deficiencies, and even malnutrition.

It's a good idea to give nutrition substantial consideration whether you're 50, or retired and approaching old age. Eating a healthy diet is critical to the longevity and quality of life of seniors, whether you adhere to the USDA food patterns or the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan, as recommended by the USDA and Health and Human Services.

Consuming the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals each day, and ensuring good nutrition, can literally change your life, helping you maintain the best possible physical and mental health as you grow older, and staving off medical issues or diseases that often require intervention for those who are less healthy.

At Care Indeed, our senior care experts can help those who are aging enjoy not only companionship, but better health through assistance with diet, exercise, medications, and more. We invite Bay Area residents to contact us today, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life!