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Senior Care - Why Seniors Have Problems Sleeping

by Amy, April 05, 2018

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Sleep is essential to good health, however many age 65 and older have issues that prevent a good night's sleep. Sleep patterns naturally change over time, but it's still vital to good physical and mental health. If you have an aging loved one who has problems sleeping, our Bay Area senior care providers can enlighten you regarding some of the issues that result in poor sleep.

Medical problems. There are a variety of medical conditions that may result in poor sleep in seniors. These include Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, menopause, heart failure and even heartburn or indigestion. Whether your senior has a tough time falling asleep or wakes up often during the night, these conditions can impact the quality and quantity of sleep.

Poor pre-bedtime habits. Sleeping too much during the day, drinking alcohol before bedtime or beverages that contain caffeine, even laying in bed watching television or reading can disrupt a regular sleep pattern. By shortening nap time, avoiding alcohol/caffeine and staying out of the bed until it's time to go to sleep, you may find it's easier to sleep.

Psychiatric or psychological issues. Older people are often more depressed; many also suffer from dementia and other disorders. The death of a loved one, moving to an assisted living facility, physical limitations and other life changes often result in sleep issues.

Medications. Those who are older often take a variety of medications, some of which can impact sleep. Some medicines actually cause wakefulness, so it's a good idea to discuss the problem with your doctor.

Other things that can result in poor sleep in the aging include restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and even retirement. Those who are retired often have no set schedule or routine, which can result in chronic sleep issues.

At Care Indeed we know all too well the obstacles seniors face in many areas of their lives. If you live in San Jose, Palo Alto or anywhere in the Bay Area and could use some help, our in-home caregivers are ready to assist you. Give us a call today!