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Senior Care - Seniors Can Have Summer Fun With Grandkids

by Amy, July 08, 2016

senior care

Most seniors enjoy spending time with their grandkids; what's better than creating a bond your grandchildren will remember for a lifetime? For Palo Alto seniors who want to make the most of this summer and spend quality time with their grandchildren, we have a few ideas for activities you'll both enjoy!

For outdoor fun that doesn't require a lot of energy on Grandma or Grandpa's part, play the bubble target game. All you need is a bottle of bubbles, a large wand, and small squirt guns for the kids to have a blast. While you relax in the shade and blow bubbles, the kids use their small squirt guns to chase the bubbles and "pop" them. The kids keep count to see who "wins" by popping the most bubbles! Be sure to bring along some lemonade and sunscreen for the kids.

Paint garden stones. With a few large stones or rocks and some acrylic paints, the kids will enjoy being creative - and what child doesn't love to paint? The stones can be painted in solid colors, multi-colors, or with designs. Let the kids use their imaginations, and use the stones as an accent in your flower garden. Or, let the little ones give them to mom or dad as a gift! Depending on their size, painted stones can make a great paperweight.

Get out in nature and enjoy a scavenger hunt. All you have to do is make a list of things for your grandchildren to collect, whether a red leaf, brown rock, feather, a twig shaped like a "Y," a wildflower - use your imagination, but make the items on the list those your grandkids can easily find in your area.

Bake cookies. What child doesn't love to mix ingredients, stir batter, and use a cookie cutter? Plus, children learn about following instructions when you engage in activities that require doing each step in order. Of course, the best part is eating the cookies once they're done! Fun for everyone.

From playing video games or cards to pulling out the old baby books, there are countless things you can do to spend time and create memories with your grandkids this summer!

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