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Senior Care Tips - Gluten Intolerance in Seniors

by Amy, February 05, 2016

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Gluten intolerance, also known as Celiac disease, is a condition that's more common in people of all ages today, including seniors. Celiac disease can cause unnecessary stress in seniors, because of the embarrassing symptoms and trying to determine what's safe to eat, and what isn't. Gluten intolerance can cause gas, vomiting, and in some cases uncontrollable diarrhea. If you are a senior or a caregiver for an elderly loved one in San Jose or surrounding areas, we have a few senior care tips to help manage the disease.

First, make every effort to avoid gluten in foods and non-food products.

Many foods contain gluten; in processed foods it may be hidden. Breads and other products containing barley, rye, and wheat should be avoided. Gluten may also be present in oats, lunch meats, ice cream, and condiments. Read labels, and avoid supplements or vitamins containing gluten.

Modify recipes when cooking. It can be hard to give up favorite foods that contain gluten, but once you modify recipes you'll find the food is just as tasty. Baked goods usually contain gluten, but can be made using almond or coconut flour and other ingredients that don't contain gluten.

Make sure you aren't lacking essential nutrients by talking to your doctor. When you're on a gluten-free diet, it can cause you to become deficient in certain nutrients. Your doctor can advise you regarding any supplements that will help replace lost nutrients and maintain optimum health.

Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Whether in a meal or as a snack, fruits and vegetables are an easy way to enjoy a diet that's gluten-free. Eat an apple or banana as a snack, make pasta by spiral slicing zucchinis - there are lots of ways to enjoy healthy choices.

At Care Indeed, we understand the issues many seniors face in regards to diet. Whether you need assistance with meal preparation and taking medications on time, or need care in your home overnight, we offer customized solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our San Jose home caregivers and all of the options available to seniors!