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Senior Care Tips - Help Eliminate Feelings of Loneliness

by Amy, January 08, 2016

senior care tips

Living alone can be extremely lonely for seniors not only in San Francisco, but all around the U.S. Often, there isn't ample opportunity for them to get together with family, enjoy delicious meals, create new memories, and talk about old ones. Unfortunately, many seniors are not included in these activities. Some may live in their own homes, others in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. As compassionate home caregivers in the Bay Area, we wanted to offer a few senior care tips to help you make a senior's day brighter and lessen the feelings of loneliness or even depression.

Until you've reached your golden years, it's hard to imagine how seniors who have lost a spouse or live on their own feel at times. Many seniors have physical limitations that prevent them from getting out and about, going to celebrations, shopping, or visiting a friend. It's not easy to hop on a bus when you're in a wheelchair, or navigate transportation when you use a walker, oxygen, or other apparatus. So, how can you help brighten a senior's day?

Whether your own parent or grandparent, or an aging close friend of your parents and family, a short visit is the best way to give someone who is aging a little happiness. You don't have to stay all day, or even bring a gift. Something as simple as an hour's visit will brighten the day for a senior immensely. Whether a senior lives in his/her own home, or in a skilled nursing facility, taking just a little time out of your day can mean so much.

Depending on the senior's physical ability, consider bringing him or her to your home to enjoy some time with your family. Seniors love to reminisce and think about "the old days." Nothing would please someone who is elderly more than getting together with family for an hour or two and taking about old times.

If you simply can't take the time for a short visit or bring a senior to your home for part of the day, give him or her a call. Even a five or ten minute conversation can lift a senior's spirits! By making that phone call or stopping by for a visit, elderly loved ones know you're thinking about them, and that you care - and that means the world to those who are often lonely and left with only their memories.

At Care Indeed, we know the sadness, loneliness, and depression older individuals often experience. Make an effort to visit or get in contact, and brighten a loved one's day! If your aging parent needs help for a few hours each day, at night, or around-the-clock care, contact our San Francisco in home caregivers today for skilled, compassionate care.