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Senior Care Tips: Maintaining Brain Health - What You Can Do

by Amy, February 01, 2018

senior care tips

It's important for seniors in Walnut Creek, Lamorinda and other communities in the Bay Area to "engage" their brains, if they want to keep their mind sharp, while lowering the risk for dementia and other issues as they age. We would all love to have the mind of someone who's much younger as we approach our 70s, 80s, and even older! While there are some things we can't control, there are many things we can do to help keep our brain smart as we age. We've included a few healthy brain tips below.

Eat a healthy diet. Nutrients affect the brain, just as they do the rest of the body. It's important to keep fried and processed foods to a minimum. In fact, the same foods that can increase bad cholesterol can also increase the risk for Alzheimer's. By keeping fat intake and cholesterol to a minimum, and eating more lean proteins, vegetables, dark fruits, fish, and nuts, you can feel confident your brain is getting the balance of nutrients it needs to function properly.

Engage your brain by playing games, working puzzles, or reading. Cognitive activities are essential for decreasing the risk of dementia or other brain issues, and reading is highly beneficial to your mind and memory. When the grandkids are over, playing games is a fun way to improve your decision-making abilities, memory, and creativity. Nothing is more challenging than working a jigsaw or crossword puzzle! Not only is it an enjoyable hobby, puzzles stimulate the brain and make you think. Keeping your brain well-exercised can be fun.

Start a journal or just write. Texting or typing on a keyboard isn't the same thing, so pick up a pencil and start jotting down your thoughts. Start a journal and write about your day, your thoughts, or even write about some of your favorite memories throughout your lifetime. No matter what you write about, you're thinking! Writing also involves language, so your brain is firing on several levels when you're writing.

Be social. It's easy to keep to ourselves as we age and just stay at home, but it isn't really healthy from a psychological standpoint. Whether you go out to lunch or dinner once a week with friends, visit with a neighbor every now and then, volunteer at the local hospital or church, or go to a local senior center offering activities for seniors; socializing or connecting with others is vital for a sharp brain - and it also helps stave off depression.

Get plenty of sleep. It's important to get seven or eight hours a night of quality sleep, as sleep deprivation can result in memory loss. You don't consciously realize it, but your brain processes your daily activities while you sleep; it also relaxes during this time. If you have problems sleeping well, be sure to see your doctor, as there are many things that can affect sleep, including medications, anxiety, or even physical health issues.

These are just a few things that help keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp. Be sure to exercise each day, as staying physically active not only protects your body, but your brain - and exercise can also help you sleep better if you have problems drifting off.

The in home caregivers at Care Indeed are passionate about helping seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area live their happiest, healthiest lives possible. For help with an aging loved one, or for more senior care tips, give us a call! We offer a wide array of services designed to suit every need.