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What Traits Should You Look for In A Senior Caregiver?

by Amy, January 13, 2017

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If you're the adult child of a parent who needs some level of caregiving in his or her home, you want to make sure you have the right "fit." Perhaps you care for an aging loved one when you can, but you need extra help. Maybe you need a caregiver you can trust to stay with an aging parent overnight, or during the daytime hours. Whatever your needs, it's important the senior caregiver you choose has certain traits. What are they?

Naturally two of the most important qualities are compassion and kindness. In addition, be sure to consider:

Flexibility. People's schedules don't always run on time. If you're having to leave early or another caregiver may be running late, is the person you're considering able to adjust his or her schedule so that you don't have to leave an aging loved one alone for an hour or two? While this may not be a concern in some situations, it is for those who have loved ones with dementia, mobility problems, or other issues.

Calm and understanding. Some people simply can't sit still - they have to be constantly busy. You need an in-home caregiver who can sit with your loved one, listen to his or her stories or concerns, or touch a hand for comfort. When it comes to caregiving, patience really is a virtue.

Someone who can separate personal life from work. Aging seniors don't want to listen to a caregiver's problems every minute or even every day. Having a caregiver who constantly talks about family problems or seems to always have drama going on only adds to the stress and emotional burden of the elderly, which they don't need. Pass up the drama queens (or kings, as the case may be).

Attentive. It's often those who are around a senior the most who notice potential problems or concerns. Whether it's eating habits, a change in mood or skin color, balance issues, or any other change, you need someone who's observant and notices the little things someone else may not pay attention to.

At Care Indeed we understand that not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver for the aging. Through thorough screening, in-depth training and continuing education we work to ensure seniors get the caring, compassionate, attentive care they deserve! Contact us today to learn more about our Palo Alto home caregiving services.