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Quick tips to get more active this summer

by Vanessa Valerio, July 02, 2019

Modern seniors know how important it is to stay active and fit for a healthy living. According to studies by the Alzheimer's Association, regular exercise routine for seniors can help lower the risk of vascular dementia and Alzheimer's. Getting started on an exercise routine may seem daunting at first, but small steps and realistic goals make it a super fun activity.

Here are some practical tips to get fit this summer:

Set manageable goals Set a simple target; for example, a few minutes of stretching followed by a walk each morning.

Set practical goals: This is an essential step because you don't want to rush and overdo things. Aim for a few minutes a day and begin with gentle exercises.

Develop a habit: Include five to ten minutes of low-impact exercises in your daily routine and make it a habit. Once your brain knows to follow a pattern of everyday physical movement, it will quickly turn into a fun activity that you don't want to miss.

Keep track: Using a fitness app or exercise journal will help you stay motivated each day while tracking your health milestones.

Staying active daily will not only help reduce the risk of falling, but will reward you with better sleep, more energy, and less stress. Hope you enjoy to the fullest!