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Biggest Benefits In Choosing In Home Care For A Senior

by Amy, March 10, 2017

in home care

If you have an elderly loved one who still lives at home and who you've discussed senior care with, you may have had a little resistance. Those who are aging don't want to feel like they need a babysitter, but in truth there are many huge benefits your loved one may not be aware of in choosing an in home caregiving service. If your aging parent lives in San Mateo or the surrounding Bay Area, we have some information we think will make you and your loved one feel better about the situation.

First, having a caregiver can help seniors enjoy even more independence. Sometimes it's tough to admit as we age that we just can't do all of the things we used to do such as housekeeping, cooking, or reaching up to those top cabinets. With a little help, seniors can enjoy remaining independent and the added benefit of having someone to talk to.

Senior care can provide a greater measure of safety. It's not unusual for those who are aging to forget something every now and then, such as whether they locked the door or turned off the stove top burner or coffee pot. Not only will your loved one feel better knowing someone else can help ensure safety, it will probably ease your mind as well.

It's easier to stay active and socially engaged. Whether it's going out for a walk around the neighborhood or at the park, or having someone available to take a senior to a book club or bridge game, it's easier to stay active with some help. Many elderly people don't get up and move around a lot when they're alone, out of fear for their safety. Having a caregiver can alleviate that fear.

You can get the respite care you need. Many Bay Area seniors have family members who provide the majority of their care, but family care providers need a break as well. It's important to care for yourself; otherwise, you can't provide the best care to others, and you may become overwhelmed. By having a plan worked out, you have access to in home care providers who can take over while you take time away.

These are just a few examples of the many benefits of having a caregiver for your elderly loved one. At Care Indeed, our care providers are dedicated to providing the care and companionship Bay Area seniors need to stay independent and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Contact us today!