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Seniors Love Spring - Celebrate With These Caregiving Tips

by Amy, April 14, 2017

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Those who are getting on up in years enjoy the transition to spring just as much as the rest of us do. Who doesn't love being outdoors enjoying the comfortable temperatures, sunshine, and nature? San Francisco and surrounding areas are perfect for outdoor activities during the spring months, and it's important to think about your aging parent if your family spends time outdoors. With these caregiving tips, you can safely enjoy the beautiful spring weather and surroundings with your aging loved one.

Whether you're barbecuing on the patio or deck, the kids are having a swim party, or everyone's just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, consider that for seniors, any activity can be tiring. Before you host a graduation party or other activity in the backyard, think about these things:

Is your outdoor furniture comfortable for a senior, and easy to get into or out of? Most furnishings created for the outdoors aren't so comfy, so make sure you have a comfortable place for mom or dad that's easy to sit down in, and simple to get up from. Lots of seniors have arthritis, back problems, and other issues that make mobility difficult. How you arrange the furniture is also important, as you don't want to face your aging parent directly toward the blinding sun!

Pay attention to your loved one's needs when outdoors. It isn't so easy for a senior to navigate around the kids, adults, furnishings, plants, etc. Ask if mom or dad needs some tea or a soda, and grab it out of the ice chest or go inside and get it for them. What seems simple to you can be a real chore for a senior.

While you may be ready to enjoy the fresh air and breezes for hours, think about your aging parent. After an hour or so, it may be that mom's ready for a break from all of the noise and excitement. A little rest inside may be all that's needed so she can refresh herself and rejoin the festivities.

Everyone loves the outdoors, and it's good to get some fresh air. Just be sure that when you're having a party or celebration out on the patio or deck that your aging loved one is as comfortable as possible, and you tend to his or her needs. A little planning and forethought ahead of time can make every occasion more enjoyable for a senior!

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