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Should Government Interfere With Home Health Care Services

by Amy, August 26, 2016

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Recently a national poll was conducted by Morning Consult among 2,000 registered voters over the age of 65 regarding a Medicare policy that would require physician-prescribed home health care services be approved by a government contractor. These services are often advised by physicians for senior patients who have required hospitalization in order to ensure a seamless transition from the hospital setting to home. The poll ultimately revealed that seniors are not in favor of the government interfering in health care; even more, most believe that if the government does become involved, health care costs will increase.

The BTVH (Bring the Vote Home) poll ultimately found that:

  • While 6 percent trust government to handle health care issues, a whopping 76 percent of seniors trust their primary care physicians and nurses most.

  • 75 percent of participants believe out-of-pocket costs will increase if a government contractor is required to approve care.

  • 77 percent of seniors feel that the cost of Medicare will rise if care must be approved by a government contractor.

  • 80 percent, or four out of five respondents surveyed, believe that patients requiring prompt care will suffer if Medicare home health care services require government contract approval, as they feel care will be delayed.

The majority of seniors believe that doctors should have the authority to prescribe services and medications of their choice for patients without interference from the government. If the government has its way and home health care must be approved by the government, doctors would have to provide documentation and clinical support materials demonstrating the patient's eligibility, which would then be reviewed by government contractors for completeness. It's easy to see how this process would delay much-needed care for seniors.

Much of this has to do with reducing fraudulent Medicare claims in an effort to protect the program and patients, however less than half of seniors - about 45 percent - feel that pre-claim reviews would decrease the number of fraudulent home health claims.

What's your opinion?

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