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Sneak In A Workout

by Kristy, May 17, 2017


Sneak In A Workout

Life gets crazy, and life gets busy. In a perfect world, we'd have at least an hour a day to devote ourselves to our physical and mental health. However, in the real world, simply 24 hours a day doesn't seem nearly enough time to balance work, school, and family, let alone fitting in an exercise routine.

We may be short on time, but there are many ways to incorporate fitness into our daily schedule and stay healthy.

Here are some everyday tips:

  1. If you have down time, whether 10-30 minutes, maximize that time to incorporate fitness into your day.
  2. Sneak in a 'Lunch/Break' workout! It may only accumulate to 60 minutes, but just walking can keep our waistline in check as well as fulfill a day's worth of exercise.
  3. Take the stairs, instead using an elevator. Maybe even challenge yourself, instead of leisurely walking up a flight of stairs, gradually increase your speed or take two steps at once!
  4. Don't be a couch potato! Just because you are watching your favorite show, doesn't mean you can't fit in a home exercise as well. Clear up some space to do simple exercises, such as push-ups, crunches, arm curls and squats. For more of a challenge, use some hand weights as well.
  5. Instead of going for happy hour after work with your coworkers, plan a fitness date: going for a run/job around a park, swimming, sign up for a CrossFit class, yoga/Pilates, indoor rock climbing, biking, dancing, hiking.

If you would like more information, please register for the 'Wellness on the Run' webinar held by Anthem Blue Cross. This informative online seminar will explore new strategies to help individuals who are on a time crunch, yet want to stay healthy.

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