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Study Reveals Need for Home Caregivers In Elderlies' Lives

by Amy, October 23, 2014

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At Care Indeed, we realize the need for home care services in the lives of many older adults in the San Francisco Bay Area. That being said, we also realize that many adult children aren't truly aware of the struggles their parents face day in and day out. You have your own children, your own life to live, a career, a home to care for - sometimes you become blind to the needs of your aging parents. Recently, a study conducted by the University of Michigan indicated just how much older adults really do need help.

For those of us who have not reached our "golden years," daily tasks such as taking medications, showering, or preparing a meal doesn't seem so difficult; in fact, we automatically perform these tasks without giving it much though. For an older adult, these "simple" tasks can be huge challenges, and unfortunately, many don't tell their families of their problems because they want to maintain their independence.

The U of M study suggested that almost half of the population of older adults (49%) admitted they already receive help, or struggle with everyday tasks. This is an estimated 18 million individuals in our society! Vicki Freedman, co-author of the report and University of Michigan researcher, said that 29% of those who participated in the study said that in the prior month, they had received help getting around or with personal care or household chores. Another 20% of those studied admitted that on their own, carrying out personal care and household tasks was difficult.

At Care Indeed, we believe those approaching or in their golden years should enjoy a good quality of life, not struggle to do the things they once took for granted. Our Palo Alto home caregivers offer a variety of services including live-in and hourly care, overnight care, transportation, help with managing medications, and more. Call us today to learn more about a personalized approach to care for your aging loved one.