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The Top 3 Ways Seniors Can Interact with Younger Generations

by Dana, October 09, 2018


As a home care provider in the San Francisco Bay area and now Seattle, Washington, Care Indeed’s mission is to make sure the golden years are filled with family, friends, and happy memories. Maintaining social connections is crucial for members of the aging population. The presence of strong and consistent relationships can ward off the depression that comes from being isolated from the rest of the world. 

Establishing connections with members of the younger generation can infuse a special vitality into the lives of seniors. Whether through reading to grandchildren or volunteering at a local school, there are lots of ways for seniors to engage with youth of all ages – and reap the benefits. Below are the top 3 ways for seniors to interact with members of the younger generation:

  • Share: When it comes to the top 3 ways seniors can interact with younger generations, this is probably the most critical. Seniors are distinguished by their accumulation of knowledge and experiences. They have personal stories to tell and mementos they’ve acquired throughout life, some of which are sure to inspire and delight younger populations. War medals, personal letters, even cultural dress could lead to immersive bonding time with children or grandchildren, and even speaking opportunities to engage students. Sharing personal experiences with the young helps seniors find value in their memories, and provides an occasion to enlighten and entertain an audience. It instills a sense of connection and purpose that may become compromised during the realities of the aging experience. While there are many health benefits that come from sharing stories, a terrific advantage of inter-generational storytelling is both young and old often end up learning from each other in the process.
  • Learn: Keeping the mind active is an important part of senior care. There’s no better way to do this than through learning a new skill, and the youth are often eager teachers. Mastering social media with the help of a grandchild creates opportunities for familial and inter-generational bonding, and for strengthening connections with loved ones on and offline. And pursuing new passions through classes or activity groups can facilitate social engagement with people of all ages. You are never too old to learn. Developing an aptitude for a new skill or hobby in the presence of a younger generation is a recipe for making the best out of the golden years.  
  • Play: Physical and mental activity can benefit a senior’s lifestyle enormously. As one a top-tier provider care provider, we recommend daily walks and swims, as well as playing games, working puzzles, or reading to keep the mind and body active. Seniors can perform these activities in the company of family members and friends of all ages. Taking advantage of local public spaces, whether to go for a short nature walk or play chess, can lead to plentiful opportunities for seniors to have meaningful interactions with a younger crowd.  Meaningful leisure activities that keep the mind active and the body moving can help reduce stress and improve cognitive function, but the benefits for seniors are amplified when they also lead to opportunities to socialize with different age demographics.

The top 3 ways seniors can interact with younger generations serve to help members of the aging population combat the negative effects of isolation, strengthen relationships with friends and family, and nourish the body and mind. These activities go a long way toward maintaining a happy and fulfilling lifestyle in the later stages of life. 

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