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Transitional Care - Hospital Readmission Common In Seniors

by Amy, October 06, 2016

transitional care

As San Francisco home care providers, we know many seniors aged 65 and older experience falls, or have knee/hip replacement surgery or other medical procedures performed in a hospital. The problem is, many seniors find themselves being readmitted to the hospital a short time later, largely due to the lack of help and support upon returning home. If you're wondering about transitional care for an aging loved one, we'll enlighten you below.

When a senior is discharged from the hospital, a plan should be in place for his or her care after being discharged. It's vital that seniors have follow-up appointments scheduled, and a professional caregiver who will ensure your loved one is properly cared for. This may require periodic visits, or care around-the-clock for a period of time, depending on how the senior is recovering.

Unfortunately, in many cases, family members work, have families, and other responsibilities that prevent them from providing the care an aging loved one needs upon discharge from the hospital. A lack of support and care often results in a return visit to the hospital. Transitional care is important, as it helps seniors maintain the progress they've already made prior to leaving the hospital, and improve upon that progress. Ultimately, you want to avoid a relapse and readmission to the hospital.

There are countless benefits of having transitional care during the recovery process for seniors. Some of these include:

  • Avoiding readmission
  • A better health outcome
  • Greater patient and family satisfaction

Studies have proven that seniors who have individualized attention from an in-home transitional care provider experience greater success in recovering and avoiding readmission than those who do not have a care plan in place.

At Care Indeed, our Bay Area caregivers are dedicated to helping make the transition from hospital to home successful. Restoring independence is important; from assistance with bathing and toileting to preparing meals, companionship, and medication management/assistance, we work to support the health and recovery of seniors returning home after a hospital visit. Contact us today to learn more.